Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Coming soon to an Internet near you...

Yes, another geek blog coming your way. But bear with me and I'll try to make things worth your while.

So, what to expect:

D&D: I'll be running a 4E D&D game for a group of University friends (first time players) set in the standard 'Points of Light'/ Nentir Vale setting. This will be my third game as DM in 4E, the other two are on hiatus back in my native home of Newcastle. I'm also constructing an AD&D campaign but have no idea when it will actually get played. Anyway; expect a behind the scenes look at my games, I'll be offering what advice I can on being a DM, especially relevant to those running for first time players, I'll be posting adventure logs, maps, encounters and more.

Painting: Whilst I'm not so much of a war gamer as I was when I was younger, I'm much more into the painting and modelling side of things. I recently started a Vampire Counts army and I'll be aiming to post some photos of my progress, or the odd report from an actual game.

Comics: Hopefully a few of my close friends will like to pitch in here as honestly I'm not as up-to-date as I would like to be. I do regularly scout second hand shops and the library to see what gems I can find. 2000AD related posts on the other hand are likely to be a mainstay being an obsession for last few years and the only regular comic I still buy.

Japan:  Thanks to my brilliant girlfriend (and a healthy over draft,) I'll be spending almost 2months in Japan this summer. A week or so in Tokyo, hopefully attending Summer Sonic, a quick stop in Kyoto and the majority with her family in her teeny home village just outside of the also very small Shimoda City. Hopefully I can keep a diary of sorts here, and maybes post a few movies of me humiliating myself attempting to learn Japanese.

More: Nothing, no matter how old or obscure is beyond your grasp with the Internet now. I've got list-upon-list of films, bands, TV and anime series and games I've been meaning to check out. When I do, I'll be sure to post what I thought right here.

Thanks for reading, and for anyone interested; this is my previously mentioned D&D campaign on the brilliant Obsidian Portal Points of Light- The Splintered Lands.

Also best wishes to the family of Dwayne McDuffie who past away this Monday. I'm very much looking forward to the animated adaptation of Grant Morrison's All Star Superman he has written. And I recently read some of his short but sweet run on Marvel's Fantastic Four. The guy was very talented no doubt, and also made one of the funniest picthes to Marvel, ever!