Wednesday, 2 March 2011

2000AD Prog 1722

A review of 2000AD Prog 1722 (released Wednesday the 23rd of February,) comments as always appreciated. Click the cover image to find a full resolution image.

2000AD is Britain’s longest running Sc-Fi anthology comic where creators such as Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Dave Gibbons, Brendan McCarthy, Steve Dillon and Mark Millar among many others got their first big break. I imagine most people are either not familiar with 2000AD at all, or at least not up-to-date with the current line up. It’s published weekly and most of stories have been running for about 8weeks or so now. In a fortnight we’ll have a new line-up of stories, so I may as well jump in and just give you a little bit to get you up to speed, there’s no use going too into depth. This is a style of review I’m likely to stick with it as it suits the weekly format, again, comments appreciated.

Lovely work from Simon Davis, great colours and his work is always composed of really interesting shapes. Simple but effective and not something you’re likely to see on the cover of one of your American monthlies.

A Dangerous criminal has escaped from Devils Island, Mega-City One’s maximum security facility. Intent on tracking down and killing those who betrayed him, leaving him in the hands of the Judges.

Payback/ Parker: The Hunter, Dredd Style, love it. John Higgins (colourist of Watchmen,) delivers another batch of amazing pencils; capturing both the noir style grit the story demands and that special brand of Mega-City One kookiness.

The Red Death will take Shakra and Overlord Brenneka’s Infinity Gate will activate destroying the universe and making a new one for himself to rule. All in the next 36hours, epic!

Shakara the one line wonder has become a tragically lovable character. A series that at first seemed nothing but an excuse for Henry Flints’ brain popping art has continued to evolve each week. Also this week delivers this series’ two greatest moments; Brenneka lowering a force field to cause one of his minions’ heads to pop whilst Shakra arms himself with the forbidden weapons of his extinct race, each powerful enough to destroy a planet! 

Ampney Crucis Investigates:
The spiritual detective finds himself in an alternate dimension London ravaged by Cthulhu like creatures.

Again Simon Davis delivering brilliantly stylized pencils blended with his fine art painting skills. A truly unique looks from a great talent. Not much in the way of new plot developments but a fun pulpy adventure strip all the same

The battle between Uriel and Lucifer over whole will rule hell comes to a seeming conclusion.

This series twists and turns to the point that the plot feels contrived and most of the characters seem like they have no impact at all on what's happening. If people die in hell what difference does it make? Why is modern day language spliced into the already cringe worthily cliched Shakespearean-esque language? “Go Team Uriel” give me a break. Tony Lee can deliver some awesomely moody art, and some of his depictions of demons in this series have been nothing short of terrifying. I’m unsure as to why he’s been wasted on this strip from that start. But more so as to why, in what is meant to be the epic finale, he isn’t given anything more interesting to draw than talking heads.

Gene the Hackman (pictured in this weeks cover,) attempts to escape the facility where his masters plan to grind him down for his genetic material so they can restart the auxiliary solider program that created him and continue their war against the insect alien species know as “ The Them.”
More classic 2000AD style action; a masterfully developed plot delivered in the guise of puns, swears and explosions. Kudos to Dan Abnett who never misses a beat.